Amber here, an Estes Park Colorado based photographer.  

I was born and raised in Pennsylvania until 2014 when I decided to seek out bigger mountains and new expereinces.  Meeting so many down-to-earth couples is what inspired me to soley pursue wedding + engagement photography. 

A lot of my job is to distract you from the camera so you can look back and remember how the day really felt.  I vow to be the more awkward one, to squeal for good light, and to squat crawl to remain out of your guests way the best that I can.  



Diving full-heartedly into a new hobby, the first shower after days of backpacking, lakes, teaching my dogs to stay on the paddle board, tubing down rivers, creating, the act of walking--especially in the wilderness, handwritten lists... handwritten anything, people with quirks, barefeet in warm grass, and those long sunny days when you have nothing to do but be outside.


Any lake--especially in the mountains, Pennsylvania during the Fall, somewhere foggy, and home.  I love the canyons in Utah, Yosemite and the Sierras, upstate New York, and anyplace new.

Some of the good times we’ve had so far…